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When you seek the services of a qualified plumber in the Kennesaw, Georgia area, you can count on Atlantis Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. From Sewer line replacement to Leak Detection and water line leak repairs, we do it all.

Why Hiring a Licensed Plumber Matters

Local people call upon Kennesaw Plumbing Service to perform a wide array of necessary plumbing projects. Hiring a fully licensed plumbing company in Georgia offers significant benefits:

  • Obtain the services of knowledgeable plumbers with established credentials
  • Ensure that your plumber adheres to vital safety provisions
  • Locate a firm with specialized training in detecting and correcting water leaks, including underground leaks that threaten building foundations

Licensing helps maintain high standards within the occupation of plumbing. Unqualified, unlicensed plumbing contractors potentially impose risks on their customers.

Always call upon the services of licensed plumbers with the demonstrated ability to perform plumbing projects correctly. You'll appreciate the excellent quality of work provided by Kennesaw Plumbing Service.

Water Leak Issues

When water pipes begin corroding and leaking, serious consequences may ensue. A visible broken pipe in a home usually alarms residents. They may notice water flowing onto kitchen or bathroom floors and damaging carpets, woodwork, wallboard and other surfaces. Additionally, the presence of moisture on a continuous basis contributes to the development of mold and mildew. In the worse case scenario, a pipe will spew large quantities of water into the home, requiring the owners to turn off the water and contact an emergency plumbing service for assistance.

Many people express surprise to learn that pipes sometimes break in locations where the water damage does not appear visible immediately. For example, a corroded water or wastewater pipe may rupture inside a wall, near the foundation or even in the ground outside the home. These situations sometimes prove devastating to homeowners, because the damage produced by leaking water may continue for extended periods of time before anyone locates the source of the leak.

Damage From Undetected Leaks

What sorts of damage can undetected water or wastewater leaks cause? Although individual situations vary widely, potentially water leaking into the earth around a residence creates a lot of other problems:

  • If a water pipe begins corroding, contaminants may seep into residential tap water
  • Water and wastewater leaks underground may cause water to seep into home basements, potentially creating moldy conditions
  • Leaks sometimes damage home foundations and slabs
  • A leak may cause soil to shift around the home's foundation in undesirable ways
  • Sometimes leaks create continuously soggy patches of lawn, making yard care more difficult
  • Wastewater leaks frequently produce foul sewage odors permeating the grounds
  • Water pooling outside the property in the yard during wet conditions provides an environment for mosquitoes and other insect pests to flourish

For all these reasons, and more, it remains a very wise idea if you suspect the existence of a water leak on your property to contact a licensed plumber for prompt assistance.

Red Flags

Some signs may suggest the possible presence of a water or wastewater leak to a homeowner. Several possible indications of this problem include:

  • Soggy, persistently wet patches of lawn
  • A foul odor of sewage in the air
  • Significantly higher than expected monthly water bills
  • Mold, mildew, or pooled water seeping into a basement or storm shelter
  • Sometimes, structural problems begin impacting a home, a residential fountain, an in ground swimming pool or a patio

Calling a licensed plumber if you notice any of these possible signs of water leakage remains a prudent step. A plumber will assist you in determining whether or not an underground leak exists on your property.

For example, Atlantis Plumbing uses specialized high tech cameras to detect leaks. In many cases, we assist homeowners by repairing malfunctioning sewer lines using new trenchless repair techniques. This process saves time and money and prevents the disruption of landscaping.

Polybutylene Pipe Problems

In Georgia and some Southern states, between the 1970s and mid-1990s, some contractors used polybutylene pipes widely in residential construction. Many pipes made from this material have demonstrated poor longevity. Polybutylene pipe often contributes to underground water leaks in our area.

Today, most experts recommend replacing polybutylene pipes with other, more leak-resistant varieties of pipe. Many real estate agents encourage homeowners to consider replacing polybutylene pipe before placing real estate on the market.

Call Atlantis Plumbing For Kennesaw Plumbing Service

Atlantis Plumbing assists residents of Kennesaw and surrounding communities in finding solutions to leaking water and wastewater pipes. Call us to obtain:

  • Qualified assistance detecting and correcting leaking pipes
  • The replacement of leaking polybutylene pipes
  • Complete residential re-piping if required
  • Modern, high tech detection of underground leaks and trenchless sewer repair, if appropriate

Contact Atlantis Plumbing for fast, courteous assistance.

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